Panoche Valley Solar Project

Panoche Valley Solar Project Draft EIR

Panoche Valley
Solar Farm Project 
Draft Supplemental Environmental Impact
CUP No. UP 1023-09-AState Clearinghouse No. 2010031008
County of San Benito, CaliforniaDepartment of Planning and Building Inspection Services
Aspen Environmental GroupSan Francisco, CaliforniaDecember 2014
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CoverNotice of AvailabilityTitle PageTable of Contents
Executive SummaryES.1 Changes to the Approved ProjectES.2 Agency Review ProcessesES.3 Project ObjectivesES.4 Environmental AnalysisES.5 Areas of ControversyES.6 Issues to be Resolved

ES.7 Summary of Alternatives Analysis

ES.8 Summary of Impacts and Mitigation Measures

Figure ES-1. Project Location

Figure ES-2. Revised Project

A. IntroductionA.1 Purpose and Intended Uses of the Supplemental
EIRA.2 Overview of Revised ProjectA.3 Purpose and Need for the Revised ProjectA.4 Public InvolvementA.5 EIR Process and Agency ReviewA.6 Reader’s Guide to the Supplemental EIRA.7 References
B. Description of Revised ProjectB.1 IntroductionB.2 Project ObjectivesB.3 Revised Site DescriptionB.4 Revised Solar Project ComponentsB.5 Revised Solar Project Site Design and EngineeringB.6 Interconnection and Network Upgrades

B.7 Revised Solar Project Construction Components

B.8 Solar Project Operations and Maintenance

B.9 Solar Project Decommissioning

B.10 Applicant-Proposed Measures for Revised Solar Project

B.11 PG&E Transmission System Upgrades

B.12 References

Figure B-1. Project Location

Figure B-2. Revised Project Boundaries

Figure B-3. Project Roads

Figure B-4. Temporary and Permanent
Ground Disturbance

Figure B-5. Interconnection Facilities

Figure B-6. PG&E Upgrades:

Figure B-7. PG&E Upgrades:
Microwave Towers

Figure B-8. Microwave Tower Design

Figure B-9. Panoche Mountain Existing Microwave Tower

C.1 Introduction to Environmental
C.1.1 Organization of Section CC.1.2 Environmental Assessment MethodologyC.1.3 Applicant Proposed Measures and Mitigation MeasuresC.1.4 Mitigation Monitoring
C.2 AestheticsC.2.1 Environmental SettingC.2.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.2.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.2.4 Summary of Impacts
C.3 AgricultureC.3.1 Environmental SettingC.3.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.3.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.3.4 Summary of ImpactsC.3.5 ReferencesFigure C.3-1. Williamson
Act Land Near Revised Project
Figure C.3-2. FMMP Designations
Near Revised ProjectFigure C.3-3. FMMP Designations
Near PG&E Upgrades

Figure C.3-4. Helm Microwave
Tower Agricultural Land

C.4 Air QualityC.4.1 Environmental SettingC.4.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.4.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.4.4 Summary of ImpactsC.4.5 References
C.5 Climate Change/Greenhouse
C.5.1 Environmental SettingC.5.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.5.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.5.4 Summary of Impacts
C.6 Biological ResourcesC.6.1 Environmental SettingC.6.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.6.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.6.4 Summary of ImpactsC.6.5 ReferencesFigure C.6-1a. Biotic
Habitat for PG&E Upgrades
Figure C.6-1b. Biotic Habitat
for PG&E UpgradesFigure C.6-1c. Biotic Habitat
for PG&E Upgrades

Figure C.6-1d. Biotic Habitat
for PG&E Upgrades

Figure C.6-2. Biological Survey
Data Overview

Figure C.6-3. Golden Eagle
Nesting Survey Results

Figure C.6-4a. 2013 Giant
Kangaroo Rat Observations Revised Project Footprint

Figure C.6-4b. 2013 Giant
Kangaroo Rat Observations Valley Floor Conservation Lands

Figure C.6-5. 2013 San Joaquin
Antelope Squirrel Observations

Figure C.6-6. San Joaquin Kit
Fox Den Locations

Figure C.6-7. Federal and State
Waters Overviews

Figure C.6-8. Drainage Impacts

C.7 Cultural and Paleontological
C.7.1 Environmental SettingC.7.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.7.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.7.4 Summary of ImpactsC.7.5 References
C.8 Geology, Mineral Resources,
and Soils
C.8.1 Environmental SettingC.8.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.8.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.8.4 Summary of ImpactsC.8.5 References
C.9 Hazards and Hazardous MaterialsC.9.1 Environmental SettingC.9.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.9.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.9.4 Summary of ImpactsC.9.5 References
C.10 Land Use and RecreationC.10.1 Environmental SettingC.10.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.10.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.10.4 Summary of ImpactsC.10.5 References
C.11 NoiseC.11.1 Environmental SettingC.11.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.11.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.11.4 Summary of Impacts
C.12 Population and HousingC.12.1 Environmental SettingC.12.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.12.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.12.4 Summary of ImpactsC.12.5 References
C.13 Public Services, Utilities,
and Service Systems
C.13.1 Environmental SettingC.13.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.13.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.13.4 Summary of ImpactsC.13.5 References
C.14 Transportation and
C.14.1 Environmental SettingC.14.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.14.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.14.4 Summary of ImpactsC.14.5 References
C.15 Water ResourcesC.15.1 Environmental SettingC.15.2 Applicable Regulations, Plans, and StandardsC.15.3 Environmental Impacts and Mitigation MeasuresC.15.4 Summary of ImpactsC.15.5 ReferencesFigure C.15-1. Active and
Inactive Groundwater Well Locations
D. Cumulative ScenarioD.1 CEQA RequirementsD.2 Cumulative Development ScenarioD.3 Cumulative Impact Analysis MethodologyD.4 References
E. AlternativesE.1 IntroductionE.2 Comparison of the Revised Project to Project AlternativesE.3 Alternatives Considered but Eliminated from Further ConsiderationE.4 Comparison of AlternativesE.5 ReferencesFigure E-1. Alternative A
Figure E-2. Alternative B RevisedFigure E-3. Alternative C Revised

Figure E-4. Westlands CREZ Boundary

F. Other CEQA ConsiderationsF.1 Growth-Inducing EffectsF.2 Significant Irreversible Commitment of ResourcesF.3 Significant Effects that Cannot be AvoidedF.4 Energy ConservationF.4 References
G. Glossary, Acronyms, and AbbreviationsG.1 TerminologyG.2 Glossary, Acronyms, and Abbreviation
H. EIR Preparers and Organizations
I. Mitigation Monitoring and Reporting
AppendicesAppendix 1. Scoping Report, including
Notice of PreparationAppendix 2. Panoche Solar Farm
Traffic Study – November 2014Appendix 3. Mitigation Measures
and Applicant Proposed Measures Unchanged from 2010 Final EIR

 Applicant Documents Supporting Amended Conditional Use Permit and Supplemental EIR

Avian Conservation Strategy

Avian Conservation Strategy

Fig1-Location Map






Transmission Line Natural Resources Assessment Report

A1- 20141020 PVSP T-line Survey Results

Attachment 1 – T-line report Figures-cmprssd

Attachment 1 – T-line report Figures-cmprssd

Attachment 2 – 20141017 PVSP OPGW Mapbook

Attachment 3- T-line Report Memo_10.20.2014

Attachment 4- PVSP Microwave Mapbook

Attachment 5-Microwave P&P

Draft Eagle Conservation Plan-SM



Panoche T-line Cultural Supp 12-3-14


PVSF Project PGE T-line Paleontology Memo 11-04-2014

PVSP_TransmissionLine_CR_Memo rev 110414



2010 Final EIR on Panoche Valley Solar Farm Project

FINAL Panoche Geotechnical Report

GKR Survey March 2013

Fire Dept Letters

GOEA Study Report 4-2-14 final

 Ground water Evaluation Tech Memo 12-15-2014

Interconnection Study Report

Impacts-State Water Crossings

Non-protocol Branch Survey

Panoche Solar Final GOEA Nesting Report

PrelimJD Ltr USACESF 2010

PM10 CalEEMod

Project Overview Maps


Substation and Switchyard Plan and Profile

Silt-Fence Typical Install


Typical Solar Array Plan

Wet Season Branchiopod Surveys

20141103 Final Draft CTS Avoidance and Minimization Plan

BNLL Survey Report etc

CTS Mitigation Pond Proposal

Cypher Memo SJKF

Draft BNLL Avoidance Plan

Draft Antelope Squirrel Relocation-Part2 Maps

Draft GKR Relocation Plan

Draft GKR Relocation-Part2 Maps

Draft SJKF ConsMeasures

Draft SJAS Relocation Plan 4-26-14

Dry Season Branchiopod Surveys Sept 2010

Fed-State Waters Overview Map

BNLL Survey report Final 10 15 13

BNLL Summary 2014_8 11 14 with Figures

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