The County Treasurer is responsible for receiving, investing, safeguarding and providing full accountability for all monies belonging to the county and all other money directed to it by state law.  The Treasurer is responsible for the investment of funds for the County, School Districts and Special Districts.  The Treasurer oversees all banking operations for the County and its departments.  All public financing is coordinated through the Treasurer, including General Obligation Bonds for the School Districts and Juvenile Hall.


Funds received by County Departments, School Districts, and any other participating agency must be deposited with the Treasury.  These entities draw upon the funds to pay for budgeted expenses.  The Treasurer must have cash available to meet the cash flow demands of the county, schools and participating agencies.  Temporary surplus monies of local agencies may be invested in defined types of investments set by the State.




Quarterly Investment Report March 2020

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The Treasurer is the authority responsible for the investment and reinvestment of the funds of the county and the funds of other depositors in the county treasury and assumes full responsibility for those transactions.  Per the County’s Investment Policy all investments must be purchased through an authorized dealer.  Investments are designed to mature in such a way as to provide safety, liquidity and reasonable return.  The Treasurer manages an average investment portfolio of over $200,000,000.


For  information on becoming an authorized dealer, please contact our Investment Advisor, Craig Ehlenberger, at Abalone Cove Advisors (310) 544-6791.


Every year, San Benito County writes thousands of checks to individuals and businesses. A small number of these checks are never cashed by the recipient and remain outstanding on the county’s books. To help reunite people with their unclaimed money, San Benito County has created “Uncashed Checks” an online tool available at


The website provides a quick and convenient way to search for an unclaimed check. For people who believe they received a check from San Benito County but never cashed it, the new Uncashed Checks tool can help confirm an unclaimed check, provide instructions about how to file a claim and how to ask that a new check be issued to you. Users can search for their uncashed check by name, or scan the complete list to see if their name or business is on it. Then follow the check claim instructions provided. This is an easy way for people to reconnect with the money they’re due.


There is a the three-year waiting period, for checks $15 and over, before the County may print a public notification that the money will revert back to the San Benito County General Fund unless it is claimed. Checks under $15 have a one year waiting period and are not required to be published in a local newspaper.




Published in The Freelance on May 18 & May 25, 2018.  Claim deadline – expired

Published in The Freelance on May 16 & May 23, 2014.  Claim deadline – expired



Treasury Oversight Committee meeting 05/09/19 at 10:30 AM in the Board of Supervisors chambers



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