School Resource Unit

Overall Goals:

Build a working relationship with the community policing efforts to prevent school violence.

SRO will: serve as a law related counselor, law related education teacher and law enforcement officer.

General School Resource Officer Services:

  • Provide consultation and information to student support services and other school staff.
  • Provide law related education, minors rights and responsibilities, school attendance and substance abuse prevention.
  • Advise school staff with regard to current illegal activities within the community that may impact the school community.
  • Provide support to the school site’s truancy program.

Student Support Services:

  • Serve as a liaison between students and parents and social agencies which provide services to the school.
  • Participate in school activities, student organizations, and athletic events.
  • Participate in parent, teacher, staff, and student meetings as requested.
  • Answer questions students may have regarding criminal or juvenile law.
  • Actively work towards reducing gang activity on campus.
  • Address individual student’s truancy problems.

For more information  contact San Benito County Sheriffs Office School resource Officer

Deputy Jason Leist – 831-636-4080 extension 456