Waste Transport Franchisee Forms

Anyone disposing of more than 1,000 pounds must have a Franchise Agreement for Solid Waste Transport.  By definition, 1,000 pounds or over is considered commercial  waste, even though the waste may be from a household.

Anyone disposing of over 1,000 pounds needs to contact the Integrated Waste Management Department of the County to fill out the appropriate forms.  There is no cost and no other charge if the waste is generated in San Benito County.

The County requires a copy of proof of insurance for your vehicle along with the Franchise Agreement form. You may print the agreement, fill it out, and mail it along with a copy of your proof of insurance to:


Franchise Agreement for Solid Waste Transport

Quarterly Waste Transport Report


San Benito County

Integrated Waste Management

2301 Technology Parkway

Hollister,  CA  95023