Recycling Market Development Zones (RMDZ)

The Recycling Development Zone (RMDZ) program combines recycling with economic development to fuel new businesses, expand existing ones, create jobs, and divert waste from landfills.  The program provides attractive loans, technical assistance, and free product marketing to businesses that use materials from the waste stream to manufacture their products and are located in a zone.  The zones cover roughly 88,000 square miles of California from the oregon border to San Diego.  More information is available at the Central Coast Recycling Market Development Zone website:

Assistance is provided by local zone administrators. For more information or to contact a Zone Administrator, please visit the CalRecycle RMDZ website  RMDZ Program Info.


The Central Coast RMDZ zone Administrator is:
Patti Toews
Program Director
San Luis Obispo County Integrated Waste Management Authority
870 Osos Street
San Luis Obispo,  CA  93401
Ph: 805.782.8530
Fx: 805.782.8529


Mike Hodges is the local San Benito County Resource Management Agency representative to the Central Coast Zone.
He can be reached at:

Mike Hodges
San Benito County RMA – Integrated Waste Management
2301 Technology Parkway
Hollister,  CA  95023
Ph: 831.636.4170 x268
Fx: 831.636.4176