CSA 31 Stonegate

Water Ordinance is in place at Stonegate Water Code Section 376. Ordinance is in effect until further notice.

Measures you can take to reduce domestic water use include:

  • Implement a water efficient landscape plan;
  • Replace landscape irrigation hardware to water-conserving models;
  • Implement a water wise irrigation plan;
  • Replace old toilets with new, water-conserving models;
  • Make sure showerheads and faucets are water efficient;
  • Run washing machines and dishwashers only when full;
  • Consider replacing old washing machines with water and energy-conserving models
  • Check toilets regularly for leaks;
  • Repair drips and leaks promptly;
  • Develop water-conscious habits when showering, shaving, brushing teeth, and washing dishes


If ordinance is not followed County does take measures to help keep Stonegate’s water system working properly and effectively.

Some steps County may pursue include:

  • Discontinuation of service Ag Water until following year;
  • Installation of a water flow-restricting device;
  • Implementation of fines and penalties;
  • Issuance of Administration Citation
  • Nuisance Abatement Actions

Your water system is maintained and operated by Bracewell Engineering

If you have any questions please contact us at (831) 902-2274 or (831) 245-9657 or email CSA@COSB.US