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What are CSAs?



 San Benito County has been utilizing County Service Areas (CSA) for over 50 years to provide services to several communities. The basic premise of a CSA is to fund the long term and maintenance of public infrastructure within specific communities that the County would not otherwise be able to fund through traditional sources (property tax, sales tax, fuel tax, etc.). The County Service Area Law (Government Code §25210.1 et seq.) was created in the 1950’s to provide a means of providing expanded service levels in areas where residents are willing to pay for the extra service, by creating a direct assessment that is used to fund cost of operations and maintenance of particular services.

County staff administers 32 CSAs countywide.




CSA 51 Comstock, CSA 21 Long Acres, CSA 9 Ridgemark, and CSA 42 Lemmon Acres Maintenance of Retention Ponds and Culverts



Services a County Service Area May Receive



A County Service Area may be established to provide any one or more of the following types of services within an unincorporated area:

Structural fire protection and extended sheriff services, open space, neighborhood parks, recreation, and landscape maintenance, maintenance and operation of drainage systems, wastewater collection and treatment, water services, street maintenance/repairs, street sweeping, street lighting, and any other governmental services, referred as miscellaneous extended services, which the County is authorized by law to perform.



  County Service Area Property-Related Fee Report


Street Sweeping Services Provided By:

Street Sweeping Scheduled for First Friday of the Month:


CSA 21 Long Acres, 24 Santa Ana Acres, 28 Heatherwood, 34 Ausaymas Estates, 46 Quail Hollow, 47 Oak Creek, 51 Comstock


Landscape Services Provided By:


Del Valle Garden


Landscape RFP will soon be posted to provide CSAs with a long term contract of continuous maintenance service. Please check County website HERE for Bids and RFPs.


Detention Pond and Storm Drain Easements Biannual Services:

CSA 9 Ridgemark, 16 Santa Ana Estates/ Holiday Ranch, 21 Long Acres, 23 Rancho San Joaquin, 24 Santa Ana Acres, 28 Heatherwood, 34 Ausaymas, 35 Union Heights, 42 Lemmon Acres, 48 Dry Creek, 51 Comstock, 53 Riverview, 55 Creekside

Weekly Landscape Service:

CSA 46 Quail Hollow, 47 Oak Creek, and 53 Riverview, and Santana Ranch CFD



List of County Service Areas in San Benito County

Maps & LAFCO Documents


CSA # 4 Santa Rosa Acres CSA # 35 Union Heights
CSA # 5 El Toro UNION HEIGHTS Services
HILLCREST/EL TORO Services CSA #38 Ashford Highlands
CSA # 8 Bonnie View ASHFORD HIGHLAND Services
CSA # 9 Ridgemark CSA # 42 Lemmon Acres
CSA # 19 Springwood Estates CSA #45 Rancho Larios
CSA # 21 LongAcres CSA # 46 Quail Hollow
CSA # 22 Cielo Vista CSA # 47 Oak Creek
CSA 23 Rancho San Joaquin DRY CREEK Services
RANCHO SAN JOAQUIN Services CSA #49 Hollister Ranch
CSA # 24 Santa Ana Estates HOLLISTER RANCH ESTATES Services
SANTA ANA ACRES Services CSA # 50 Dunneville Estates
CSA # 25 Vineyard Estates DUNNEVILLE ESTATES Services
VINEYARD ESTATES Services CSA # 51 Comstock Estates
CSA # 28 Heatherwood COMSTOCK ESTATES Services
HEATHERWOOD ESTATES Services CSA #52 Monte Bello
CSA #29 Brown Maglardy CSA # 53 Riverview Estates
CSA #30 McCloskey Acres CSA # 54 Pacheco Creek Estates
MCCLOSKEY ACRES Services Pacheco Creek Estates Services
CSA # 31 Stonegate CSA # 55 Creekside 5 & 6
STONEGATE Services Creekside Services
CSA #33 Toranno Estates  CFD Santana Ranch
TORRANO Services more coming soon…
CSA # 34 Ausaymas Estates


Water Conservation is Important to Keep Our Water Clean While Protecting the Environment.  Please View the Links Below for Local Resources on How to Save Water, Find Leaks, and Conserving Water with Native Plants. Sunnyslope County Water District Board of Directors Adopted A New Water Conservation Measure In April 18th, 2017 



Have a free water survey done for your home, which includes: leak check, 
landscape irrigation evaluation, free showerhead, faucet kits, and water 
	saving devices. Call (831) 637-4378 for an appointment. 

 Recommended Drought Tolerant Plant List


Water Resources Association of San Benito County :Water Conservation Ideas for Your Garden Brochure 


Free Water Saving Toilets Information 



Backflow Device Maintenance

Park Maintenance at CSA 46 Quail Hollow

Landscape Maintenance at CSA 53 Riverview Estates

Replacement of Street Sign at CSA 21 Long Acres

CSA 47 Oak Creek Trail Chain Link Fence Repair by County Staff


For more information regarding your County Service Area, please contact:


Jessica Stratton – CSA Coordinator
Office: 831.902.2274
Cell/Text: 831.245.9657
Office Address: 2301 Technology Parkway, 2nd Floor
Hollister, Ca 95023