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Directions for using the search:

    • In the “Value” field at the left, enter your assessment number (i.e. 123456789000). To search a range of assessments, you may enter any of the following: the book (i.e. 123), the book-page (i.e. 12345), the book-page-page block (i.e.123456), the book-page-page block-parcel (i.e. 123456789).To access the assessment information from your search, double click on the desired assessment number.


    • Searches of books 001-009 require the leading zeros. The more complete the assessment number, the more specific the search will be.


    • Parcels secured by real property begin with book numbers 002 and go up to book 062.


    • Unsecured assessment numbers begin with 800-996 and are categorized below.


    • To print your Assessment information, click on “Print” located at the top of the data window.


  • To access information using the Street Address field select the “Search Type” using the drop down window and enter an address number and/or street name in the “Value” field           (i.e. 440 Fifth Street).

Unsecured Assessment Numbers Supplementals
800 – Business Assessments 980 – Unsecured Transfer
810 – Leased Personal Property 981 – Unsecured Transfer
820 – Aircraft 985 – Unsecured New Construction
830 – Boats 986 – Unsecured New Construction
850 – Imps on the Real Estate of Other’s (IREO’s) 990 – Transfer
860 – Possessory Interests 991 – Transfer
905 – Mineral Rights 995 – New Construction
906 – Mineral Rights 996 – New Construction
910 – Mobile Homes