LBAM Grower Information

Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) Information for Growers


The discovery of several Light Brown Apple Moths in San Benito County has lead to a quarantine area being established.  The Light Brown Apple Moth (LBAM) is a destructive pest that is native to Australia and was first found in California in 2007. More than two-thousand plant species are known to be susceptible to attack by this pest including, broccoli, lettuce, cherries, apricots, walnuts, tomatoes and peppers.


To help prevent the spread of LBAM, quarantine zones are established when two or more moths are found within the same area.  Within the quarantine area, the movement of plants and plant products is restricted.  All movement of products can only be done under the conditions that are specified by the quarantine.


All agricultural and nursery producers must have a Compliance Agreement issued by the US Department of Agriculture.  The Compliance Agreement will specify the conditions for movement of commodities.  Producers need to meet with a USDA representative to obtain a Compliance Agreement for their operation.  USDA representatives will come directly to the individual farms and meet with the grower to develop the Compliance Agreement.


To see if your field is in the quarantine area, click on the map link below.  If you should have any questions or wish to schedule an appointment with a USDA representative, please call our office at (831) 637-5344.


Current LBAM quarantine map