Health Benefits

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CoSB ID Card Letter
CoSB ID Card Letter Medicare eligible Retirees

EGWP Temporary ID Card (Rx)
Actives _Early Retirees Temporary ID Card(Rx)

BOS Elects EIA Health Coverage 2017


Medical Premium Rate Sheet

2017 medical Rate Sheet with county contribution


Dental & Vision Rate Sheet for Active Employees

Dental & Vision Rate Sheet


Active Employees Enrollment Forms

Disabled Dependent Certification form 2014_Anthem
San Benito County UEF actives

San Benito Waiver active


Retiree Enrollment Forms

Disabled Dependent Certification form 2014_Anthem

San Benito County UEF retirees

San Benito Waiver retiree

Medicare eligible prescription plan Retirees 2017


Benefit Booklets

Anthem Choice PPO-2017 SPD
Anthem HDHP-2017 SPD_Updated

Anthem MedSupp-2017 SPD

Anthem Safety PPO-2017 SPD

Kaiser KPSA HMO with Part D 2017 SPD

Kaiser Traditional Plan 2017 SPD


Anthem Choice/Safety & HDP

2017.01.01 Anthem Choice PPO Summary

2017.01.01 Anthem HDHP Summary

207.01.01 Anthem Safety PPO Summary

2017.01.01 Anthem Choice Supp Summary

New Enrollees Guide_CSAC EIA 175075


Kaiser Permanente

2017.01.01 Kaiser Chiro Accu Summary

2017.01.01 Kaiser HMO SBC

2017.01.01 Kaiser HMO Summary

2017.01.01 KPSA HMO Summary

Copy of Santa Cruz_Approved Zip Code List_080216

KP Northern CA Non Medicare eligible zip codes

KP Northern CA Medicare eligible zip codes



Prescription RX

National Plus Pharmacy Listing 2

Choice PPO RX-Pharmacy

Safety PPO RX-Pharmacy

2017 ESI NPF


Health Plan Comparison Tool

Health Plan Comparison Tool


Wages Works


Take Care Flex Benefit Plan Enrollment Form by Wage Works


Letters to Employees/Retirees

1st Letter 9/1/16


Frequently Asked Questions

1st FAQ 9/1/16


 Active Employees

2nd FAQ 9-16-16 active employee

2nd letter 9-16-16 active employees

2017 OE E-mail

Open Enrollment Presentation Active Employees

Recorded Active Employees Presentation



2nd FAQ 09-16-16_Retirees

COSB – 2nd Letter 09-16 16_Retiree

Retirees Open Enrollment Presentation

Recorded Retiree Presentation




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